Dance & Movement Offerings



Moving Women

a weekly movement ritual

8-Week Chakra Series

Sundays, 3-5pm

January 21 – March 10, 2024

MOVE Studio, in the Smiley Building

(downstairs, room #15, behind the big bulletin board)

1309 E 3rd Ave Suite 20B, Durango, CO 81301

8-week Series ~ $222

Drop-In ~ $33

Cash, Check, or Venmo @movingstillness

rsvp’s to this email welcome

In this series, we’ll explore a chakra each week,

Root to Crown.

The 8th gathering will be integrating them all.

I’ll guide stretches and movements alone and together, writing and sharing, moving, dancing, witnessing ourselves and each other, relating with our bodies, each other, our writings, musings, images, elements from the natural world…with music and silence,

to support you in deeply listening to, connecting with, cultivating, and expressing

your unique felt sense experiences of your embodied energy centers.


This is for you if you’re

~ curious about exploring ways of moving and dancing from places within yourself that long to express and have been shrouded by conventions and conditioning

~ longing to listen more intimately to the whispers of your heart and body, beneath the busyness of your mind, and let those deeper, soulful impulses guide you

~ leaning into the invitation to rekindle your body’s wisdom to transform how you move in and through life

~ courageously willing to trust your capacity to follow the mysterious journeys your body reveals

(And, if you know of someone who’d be interested, please help me spread the word, thanks!)


These offerings flower from my lifetime of dancing inspired by modern dance and improvisation, Authentic Movement and other mindful movement practices (yoga, qi gong, Body Mind Centering), ceremonial dance, and most especially my 20 years of dancing with Diego Piñón and his offerings of Body Ritual Movement (formerly known as Butoh Ritual Mexicano).

I also relate with my own body and the bodies of others through the perceptual lenses developed through years of being a massage, bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral, and somatic therapist.

I love guiding you in sensing, feeling, moving, and expressing all the mysterious impulses of your embodied beingness–your moment to moment, emergent, mysterious, energetic embodied respondings and conversings with yourself, with others, and with Mystery.