About the work

Amelia integrates Spirit, Body, Heart, & Mind healing modalities for helping you to restore your body’s innate capacity for healing.


How can this help me?  BCST supports your whole being by restoring the healthy rhythmic movements of energy, fluids, soft tissues, and bones. By addressing and integrating all of these layers, within the context of balancing your nervous system, this work metabolizes past traumas, releases pain and associated holding patterns, and helps you rediscover your natural state of health.

What to expect  Through gentle touch and presence, Amelia supports you in reconnecting with your own Intelligence, which reorients you to your grounded and centered state. This realigning can feel deeply relaxing, and you may also sense movements of energy, fluids, soft tissues, and/or bones.

Origins  Rooted in osteopathy, this system of healing arose out of biomechanical craniosacral work, which relies on outside force to move and realign structures. The biodynamic approach focuses on gently supporting more subtle rhythms of movement, or “breath,” within and between structures of the body. By reorienting your system to these tidal movements, or “potency,” structures realign themselves.


How can this help me? Creating space for you to feel what’s happening in your body, this work helps you metabolize old stories, strengthen your resources, and stabilize your capacity to deal with life’s challenges. Through conversations between your consciousness and your body, as well as exchanges between resourced and challenged states, you discover a third possibility of healing: your body begins to reveal new stories, release and transform old pains, and establish a new positive state of being.

What to expect This work may take place seated, using two chairs to explore different parts of yourself, and/or on the massage table fully clothed. While listening and supporting you in deeply hearing your stories, Amelia guides you in also tuning in to body sensations and bringing presence to the stories as they are held in your body. As you stay with your embodied experience, you are supported in navigating the territory where verbal and nonverbal meet, where mind and heart meet body.

Origins Amelia integrates techniques from Somatic Counseling Psychology and associated lineages of body psychotherapies and dance/movement therapies, along with training in ‘Blueprint Resonance: Verbal Skills for Embodied Transformation’ with Anna Chitty. These modalities all support nervous system regulation by bringing mindfulness to the impacts of trauma and stress in the body. While welcoming verbal processing, this approach prioritizes your embodied experience as the source of information and also the place of transformation.


Deep Tissue Techniques

This focused and integrating work addresses acute and chronic pain with firm pressure to shift the underlying holding patterns. By meeting trigger points and tight muscles with pressure that allows them to release, rather than forcefully attempting to push tension out, Amelia finds those troubling knots and supports them in relaxing. Rooted in a thorough understanding of muscular and nervous system anatomy, this work relieves specific areas of pain, along with associated referral patterns of pain, spasm, numbness, and/or tingling.

Myofascial/Connective Tissue Work

Myo, relating to muscle + fascia, the connective tissue made of intricately woven collagen and elastin fibers that surround all tissues throughout the entire body. Adhesions happen when injury and stress become stuck in tissues, thus decreasing movement in fascia, and corralling energy to maintain the holding pattern. Applying gently firm, sustained pressure directly to skin without oil helps break up adhesions and restore fluid movement within all tissues.


This ancient therapy focused on your hands and feet involves applying pressure to points associated with other parts of your body. Utilizing deep thumb and hand techniques, reflexology addresses acute problems and is also profoundly relaxing. By applying focused pressure at specific points, the related region of your body may release pain and holding patterns and thus reorient to health.


Rei, divine power + ki, life force energy → Reiki, divinely guiding life force energy. Originating in Japan in 1922 by Buddhist monk Mikao Usui, this treatment involves ‘hands on healing’ and channeling universal energy into your body to replenish your personal energy reserves. By decreasing stress and increasing your energy, this profoundly relaxing experience increases your capacity to heal dysfunction at all layers of your being.


A foundational approach in western massage, Swedish styles involve long, integrating strokes, along with kneading and friction on specific muscles. Amelia finds a balance of flow, rhythm, and pacing to meet your body’s needs for de-stressing, detoxing, softening tension, and stimulating the flow of blood, oxygen, and lymph.

Thai Massage

This work involves opening the flows of energy through compression, acupressure, and stretching. Amelia offers traditional Thai massage on a mat on the floor with clients fully clothed, and she also integrates these techniques into her sessions on the table. Either approach allows you to drop into rhythmic breath, release acute and chronic blocks, and re-enliven healthy flows of energy.